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We have the experience coming
up with the ideas and strategies for content. Creating viral moments from ideation to execution to launch. Creating holistic plans followed through 365 days a year for athletes and brands. Some instances managing budgets of $1M for a shoot by a brand... or $0 for an athlete to create impactful content.


  • Mise has the experience and track record of success developing innovative content ideas. 

  • We pride ourselves on going viral and work relentlessly for our clients to achieve this as well.

  • Give us your budget - we give realistic options and a plan to bring your aspirations to life.

  • Through brainstorms/content plan proposals, Mise develops the perfect concept for your marketing plan and once approved, creates a budget, timeline, and plan for execution.

  • In progression, we develop a technical plan for production (look, feel, needs of the shoot, etc.) and a PR/communications/digital release/advertising plan for the content release - a plan that weighs heavily on digital expertise and 3rd party media exposure.

  • This plan includes: Creative development, storyboards, location scouting and management, shoot management, crew organization, catering, talent procurement/logistics, talent/agent hospitality, security, travel/lodging coordination, etc.

  • Mise has a contracted team of trusted freelance videographers/photographers working under our agency umbrella. 

  • Our team manages the entire relationship of the video production crew - they are a part of our team and we manage them from concept ideation, to lead up preparation, to day-of execution, and post-production deliverables.

  • Experienced delivering content that ranges from :10 second viral bytes for social media to 2-hours long form documentaries.

  • We think ahead, we find moments to make an impact with your brand, athletes, influencers, and assets. We deliver content your team can use throughout the year, with thought and reason.

  • We don't just "point and shoot" - we "think, capture, and plan."




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