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Manages all facets of clients' careers off the court/field or camera/stage, starting from the day they turn professional through post-career endeavors and business ventures. 

  • Mise serves as a bridge between its clients and the public by means of media exposure, social media strategy implementation, and partnership exposure/amplification.

  • Mise works closely with its clients to help fulfill their diverse needs and objectives through the use of media communications 

  • Manage all PR/media relations resulting in increased exposure with measurable coverage in targeted media outlets 

  • Develop and execute communication plans 

  • Develop promotions with media, athletes/influencers, and brand partners to drive sales objectives 

  • Maximize editorial coverage across all verticals

  • Mise is on the forefront of connecting brands with the digital audience of professional athletes and sports influencers across all emerging social platforms by creating strategic influencer programs to generate awareness and grow your business. 

  • Mise has brokered deals with some of the largest companies and athletes in North America.

  • Specializing in securing athlete and influencer endorsements and partnerships for commercials, personal appearances, fundraising/charity, events, product launches, and media campaigns, etc.

  • Mise works closely with athletes and influencers to pitch and secure branding opportunities, endorsements and social media deals tailored to the client’s image.

    • Agency currently manages Charlie Berens, Taylor Calmus (aka Dude Dad), Myles Montplaisir (aka You Betcha, You Betcha Guy), TJ Therrien, Rashan Gary, Alex Wehrley, Joey Kinsley (aka Sir Yacht), Team Balmert, Breakfast Ball, Team Shuster, Matt Ramage, Ryan Ruebl, and many more.​

  • Liaison between athlete/influencer, client, and press

  • Secures media coverage to maintain a positive relationship amongst the public and press 

  • Manages and coordinates photo/video shoots 

  • Manages all incoming media requests, interviews, press releases, releasing statements to the media 

  • Media training 

  • Crisis communication





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