In managing the futures of athletes and influencers and elevating the aspirations of brands - Mise's goal is to evolve with the times of new media, creating a full-service marketing agency that brands can trust and empowers athletes and influencers and their inner circles to flourish.


Don't get lost in the fold, work with an agency that feels like a true teammate, an agency of creative experts with experience succeeding at the highest level.

Our name, derived from mise en place, is a culinary term meaning 'everything in its place'.

Just as chefs know success in the kitchen always begins with preparation (mise), the same goes for athletes and influencers marketing opportunities and brands aspirations for growth and innovation.


Meticulous planning and organization combined with creativity, knowledge and experience make for perfect execution in the world of chefs... as well as the worlds of athletes and influencers.

*Inspiration of our name.