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Brent Beck, the mind behind Mise Agency, forged his path in the realm of sports marketing, attaining remarkable success at Red Bull, a global icon renowned for its innovative marketing prowess. At Red Bull, where Brent orchestrated groundbreaking strategies in mainstream sports athlete marketing, he not only navigated the complexities of multimillion-dollar deals with NBA, NFL, and MLB superstars but also unraveled the potential of content creators and influencers. Witnessing the transformative impact of both athletes and influencers during his tenure at Red Bull became a pivotal catalyst, shaping Brent's profound understanding of brand dynamics. It was this insight that led to the inception of Mise Agency, where he harnessed the dual forces of athlete expertise and the rising influence of creators, firmly believing in their combined potential to redefine the future landscape of marketing. Brent's journey from the forefront of athlete-driven campaigns to the forefront of influencer-driven strategies underscores his visionary approach, seamlessly integrating the lessons from Red Bull into the DNA of Mise Agency.


Raging Workaholics #43 Being an Agent Ft. Brent Beck

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